Sunset Meadows Country Animal Clinic is a full service medical and surgical facility that services all type of domestic, farm, exotic and wild animals and birds. All orthopedic, cardiac and ophthalmic cases are referred to specialty practices as needed. On any given day we could see any type of animal from a child’s pet mouse to a 600 pound tiger that needs surgery. Along with domestic cats and dogs we treat hamsters hedgehogs, all types of hawks, owls, parrots and farm animals such as goats, sheep, chickens, horses and calves. The clinic has full X-ray and surgical capabilities. Gainesville does have a emergency clinic for off hour calls, but they do not serve exotics and wildlife. Because of that, we are constantly on call for emergencies. Our day is never the way we scheduled it at 8:00 AM, so flexibility is always needed and our clients are patient with our difficult days. All wildlife are treated free of charge and will be seen before a paying client if immediate stabilization is needed. My clients understand that this is the case and are accepting of our taking such emergencies quickly.
In addition over a period of several years, the clinic has taken hundreds of domestic cats that are in the Alachua County Animal Shelter and are scheduled for euthanasia. These cats are then treated, repaired, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and then placed in caring permanent homes. Dr. Miller has also helped the animal shelter when they were without a veterinarian so that animals could be put up for adoption.

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