Eye of the Eagle Wildlife Sanctuary

Eye of the Eagle Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501C3 non-profit corporation and is operated in conjunction with Sunset Meadows Country Animal Clinic. The sanctuary and clinic are located in Newberry, FL. All types of wildlife from at least seven local counties are treated in the veterinary clinic free of charge and then housed and rehabilitated in the sanctuary.

The main goal of the sanctuary is to release the treated wildlife back into safe native habitats. If an animal or bird cannot be rehabilitated to the point of release, then it is either humanely euthanized or used in educational programs. Many of the releases are done in conjunction with U. S. Fish & Wildlife.

The animals housed at the sanctuary are often used in educational programs in local schools. They are also shown in events hosted by U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Florida Wildlife Commission, Ducks Unlimited and Wildlife Drawings.

Jim Wilson, the wildlife artist from

Wildlife Drawings, uses many of these animals and birds as subjects for his drawings.

In addition Dr. Miller works in cooperation with United Stated Department of Agriculture and Florida Wildlife Commission in housing and caring for confiscated animals such as tiger, lions, leopards, bobcats, cougars, etc. and assists in placing all types of confiscated animals/birds that she cannot house or maintain. In order to perform these activities, Dr. Miller must maintain state and federal permits that are renewed yearly and must submit at the end of every year a report of every migratory bird that has been treated, rehabilitated, released or euthanized in the sanctuary for that whole year. The release rate for birds of prey is 50%, which is exceptional.

Eye of the Eagle is very grateful for the donations and volunteer assistance that have been provided to the sanctuary. All funds go directly to the animals and NOT to salaries or administration.


Dr. Dawn Miller DVM

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